Young Woman Hands Grandma A Birthday Card, Records Her Tearful Reaction When She Reads It

A good gift can be anything as long as it’s thoughtful and comes from the heart. The best gifts are usually the ones that tug at our heartstrings, as thisyoung woman found out when she surprised her boyfriend with a published copy of the comic book he’d been working on since he was a teen.

As seen inthe video below, a grandmais presented with a birthday gift in the form of a card inside a white envelope by her granddaughter, Carmela.

The card is in Italian, and even though the grandma (whose name is also Carmela) reads it in her native language, any viewer can feel her emotion the moment she begins to read it.

Translated from her granddaughter’s YouTube channel,FutureBelle, the card reads: “Happy Birthday! We are taking you to Disney World for a surprise birthday gift… We love you and thank you for everything you do!”

Upon reading the first few lines, grandma Carmela instantly chokes upand sobs her way through the rest of the message. She eventually can’t take it anymore and drops the card, breaking down in tears.

What makes her reaction even more powerful is that the grandma has dreamed of visiting Disney World since she emigrated to the U.S. 40 years ago. The trip is completely paid for, and the grandchildren even commissioned a wheelchair so she doesn’t have to walk.

Now that’s a magical gift!

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