Young Cop Shows Up To Kids Party, Has The Whole Room Cheering When He Steps Onto Dance Floor

It’s natural for younger kids to appreciate and get excited about the little things in life from earning a small amount for their allowance to getting a great grade on a paper they truly worked hard for.

And just as children get easily thrilled about both large and small accomplishments, they also get excited and inspired by those who motivate them to reachthose goalseach and every day.

Take this little boy, for example, who works hard to make ajersey on behalf of his favorite soccer player. And 11 months later, he got to meet his hero what a dream come true!

And in this video below, you’ll see a local hero inspire many kids all in one room. The Boys and Girls Club in New Britain, CT, were organizing their annual holiday party when they decided to bring in a different form of entertainment for the children at the school. Instead of a magician or clown, they decided to call the local police department.

On January 2, 2017, in walked officer Matt Sulek, and the kids were just excited to see that he showed up! But he had another trick up his sleeve, and once the music in the gymnasium started to blast, he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore!

And the best part? The kids jumped right in to join the cop in all the fun!

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