Woman Lures Crow To Window With Crackers, But Shrieks When He Sneaks In And Steals Her Spoon

Animals and humans have always had an interesting relationship. Sometimes that relationship can lead to unbelievable and often hilarious results. Like this dog who couldn’t believe his ears when he heard a recording of himself, courtesy of his owner, animal-human relationships are one of a kind.

Usually, you expect the person to be playing a prank or causing some sort of mischief at the expense of the animal, but not this time.

In the video below, filmed in Izhevsk, Russia, a group of people inside an office befriend a crow that has flown onto their windowsill.

They offer the crow some crumbled crackers.

Initially, the woman shies away from the crow’s sharp beak, but it’s almost as if the bird would prefer to eat its own food, as opposed to being fed.

But how could it eat without a utensil?

The woman opens the window again while chatting with her coworker. Unaware that the crow has hopped into the office, she can only let out a yell of shock (followed by the person behind the camera) when the crow hops over and grabs a spoon in its beak.

It then quickly jumps onto the windowsill. After examining the spoon, the crow decides to leave the cracker crumbs and fly away with its prize!

My guess is, seeing the shine on the spoon, the crow probably it could be pawned somewhere.

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