Wife Swears Her House Is Haunted, Then Snaps Photo Of Demon To Prove It

Normally, I wouldn’t believe in this kind of thing but after watching this footage I have to consider the possibility. DeAnna Simpson and her husband put everything they had into buying their home in Hanover, PA. However, after they moved in, Simpson quickly learned it was haunted. According to her, they’ve lived there for seven years withseveral ghosts and a demon.

“We put everything into this house,” says Simpson. “And we do want to move, but we would have to list it at such a price where we could recoup what we put in.”

Now, I know you’re skeptical. However, Fox43 sent inphotojournalist Nick Petrillo. Upon entering, Petrillo felt his hand burning and there was a visible scratch on his wrist.

Simpson has audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and dogs barking. Even during the report on air, a door mysteriously slams shut.

The wife believes there are a number of ghosts in the house. Some of them are women who protect her from the dark forces. In one photo taken in the basement, she captured a shadowy, seven-foot-tall figure whom she believes is ademon. While reporters were there, Simpson recorded orbs on her cell phone camera and even a shadowy hand.

“Because you’re telling the story,” she says. “Because you’re putting it out there, because they don’t want that. I’m just telling you, right now that is their way of a warning.”

After the segment, reporters were convinced that the home ishaunted. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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