Troubled Teen Dates School Security Guard, Then Goes Missing For 10 Years

Tanya Kach had a troubled childhood. At 14 years old, her family was dysfunctional. Her parents got divorced, her mother disappeared from her life, while her father ignored her.

Looking for affection, she turned to 39-year-old Thomas Hose the school security guard who made her feel special.

He was an authority figure, wearing a uniform and a badge, Kach told KDKA. Someone you would trust and he befriended me, but now I know that he lured me in.

One night she ran away from home to Hose’s house. She wouldn’t leave for another 10 years. Hose lived with his parents and his son, but for the next decade no one would figure out that Kach was locked away in his bedroom.

Looking back on it now, it was horrible. Horrible. Sitting, stuck in a room, being led down a hall, maybe once a week, to get a shower, Kach said.

First Kach went to Hose because she thought they were in love, but she was stayed out of fear, and brainwashing. The room Kach was in was locked from the inside, Hose, with his terrifying personality, convinced her to lock it each day while he went to work.

As the years went on Hose would give her more “privileges.” He would let her stand on the porch for a few minutes. Eventually he forced her to dye her hair, change her name, and she was able to leave the house.

One day, Kach revealed her true identity to a nearby convenience store owner. The man immediately called the police and her nightmare was over. Hose was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty.

I just look forward. I never take one day for granted, never, Kach added. I still walk outside and breath the fresh air and still touch the grass. I never take anything for granted.

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