Tiny Toddler Hysterically Interrupts Dads Efforts To Fix Things Around The House

Dad’s working around the house are always trying to be on their A-game.

They can’t mess upbecause they know they’ll hear it from their wife. Butactually, in this case, they’d hear it from their kids!

When this dad is doing some handiwork around the house, it seems that his son gets intriguedvery quickly. And their interaction is a hysterical, adult-like argument, clearly continued for entertainment.

As dad’s son stands up against his baby fence, he starts yelling over to him. And his dad responds, going back and forth, even pointing to the measurements on the wall, seemingly explaining his work.

It’s as if they’re arguing about what dad’s doing wrong, or right. And I have a feeling that the mom, or whoever is recording, is getting a kick out of the dad’s growing frustrations.

I wonder who won this argument? Can you tell? These are the times we all wish we could speak baby!

I think this father-son duo will end up agreeing at some point in their lives, or they’ll just help each other grow! What’s better than that?

This dad definitely got a kick out of his vocal little boy, and I think the rest of the world will too, watch below and tell us what you think!

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