The #NuggsForCarter kid has set the record for most retweets ever

A teenager with a love of Wendys chicken nuggets has displaced Ellen Degeneres as the author of the most-retweeted post on Twitter.

Just over a month ago, Carter Wilkerson asked Wendys via Twitter how many retweets hed need to get a yearssupply of free chicken nuggets. The companys response? 18 million.

Sure, that was almost 15 million more than the record holder at the time, Ellens Oscar selfie, but that didnt stop Wilkerson. Soon, it became a cause of sorts, endorsed by stars like Aaron Paul.Giant companies like Microsoft and Googlejumped on-board too, because thats the world we live in now.

As a result,Wilkersons Twitter following has grown from 138 followers to more than 100,000. That tweethas been retweeted 3.42 million times not quite 18 million, but its a new record.

And yes, Wendys says its giving him ayears supply of free nuggets, and its making a $100,000 donation to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in Wilkersons name. After all, the fast food chain receivedsome amazing publicity in the process. (Before this, I didnt even know Wendys nuggets were a thing.)

I guess what Im saying is: Onetweet has probably made Wilkersonmore famous than you will ever be, and hell be feasting on chicken nuggets for the next year. Happy Tuesday!

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