Teens Parents Force Her To Split From Fianc, But Her Daughter Tracks Him Down 65 Years Later

For all the romantics out there, marriage is supposed to be a union between two people who fall head over heels forone another, and who can’t envision a life in which they are apart. Thoughit’s a sweet thought, marriage isn’t always between two people in love with each other. Sometimes, families will encourage a union out of convenience or practicality. A few decades ago, parents looked out for their child’s wellbeing by making sure he or she would be very well taken care of once they are gone.

For many women, this meant being matched with wealthier suitors whether they liked them or not.

Unfortunately, women like Helen Andre, who was 17-years-old in 1951, couldn’t follow their hearts and marry the man of their choosing. Her parents intervened in her relationship with Davy Moakes, an artist. Though they were engaged, the pair ultimately split up two years later before they were able to get married.

But the love story wasn’t over: Over the course of 65 years, the two never stopped loving one another. When Andre’s daughter found out the story, she reached out to Moakes through his son, and there could only be one ending to this tale.


In 1951, Davy Moakes and Helen Andre, who were attending art school together, fell in love.


The two were so in love that they got engaged, and were set to marry when Andre turned 19-years-old.


But Andre’s parents didn’t approve of the union. They were not certain that Moakes, as an artist, could provide for their daughter. So the couple was forced to split.


Over the years, Moakes and Andre made several attempts to rekindle their romance, but their circumstances never allowed for it. They were both married to other people. Within65 years, Andre was married three times and had three kids. Moakes was married twice and also had children.


Upon hearing her mother’s story,Debbie Williams searched for the man Andre once loved. She found him through his youngest son, and they were able to reunitethe two former flames soon after.

But that’s not all! As it turned out, Moakes and Andre are still madly in love with one another after so many decades! They got married inasmall ceremony, fulfilling their lifelong dream. The two are simply over the moon!

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