Stranger Follows Women In PJs Through Grocery Store, Then Posts Their Photo Online

We all like to look nice. Whether we’re out on the town for the night or getting things done at work, we like to look our best.

Except, let’s be real. As much as we like to look nice, we also hatehaving to look nice, especially when we’re tired. And sometimes, we have more important things on our minds than what we’re wearing, and so we throw on any old thing.

And we’d like to be able to do that sometimes without being judged, right?

Well, it seems no matter what anyone does, there’s always someone ready to judge and shame. Why? No one knows. Apparently these judgy folkshave nothing better to do. But that neverseems to stop them.

And it’s exactly what happened when two women went shopping at a Tesco in the U.K. in pajamas, robes, and slippers. Their reasons for their clothing choice are their own, but they were minding their own business and shopping quietly.

What they didn’t know was that another shopperwas watching them, and was apparently offended by some ladies choosing comfort over fashion while picking up milk and vegetables.

This shoppersnapped a photo of them (without their knowledge or consent) and then contacted Tesco vai Facebook to publicly shame them.

If that sounds ridiculous and cruel to you, you’re not alone. Another Facebook user spoke up in the women’s defense, and his message soon went viral.

[H/T: Daily Mail, Metro]

These two women were spotted in Tesco by another shopper, who was apparently personally offended by the fact that they were wearing pajamas.

Despite knowing nothing about these women or their circumstances, he decided to not only take a photo, but also to send the photo, complete with a comment, to Tesco’s Facebook.

His harsh criticism read,

“Dear Tesco,

Please can you put a rule in place that people like this will not be served in your stores. It’s bloody disgusting. This was at 7pm last night at your Tesco Salford store and I have seen other people dressed similar on a regular basis. I mean who doesn’t have the time to get changed into clothes to go shopping.”

When other Facebook users saw therude comment, along with the sneaky photo, theyhad some strong reactions for the original commenter.

Many voiced concern that someone would follow these women around the store, then snap a secret photo of them without their consent.

Others related their own experiences with pajama-clad shoppers, and how it didn’t bother them a bit.

Others couldn’t help but wonder why a stranger in pajamas was worth getting so riled up about, consideringeverything going on on the world.

But it’s not the first time pajamas in public have caused a stir.

Earlier in 2016, a school banned parents from wearing pajamas while arriving to pick up their children, prompting one momto bring up those with chronic illnesses in her her eloquent response.

One commenter, Joel Brackenbury, gained a lot of attention for his response to the original commenter.

When asked about his feelings on the strangers’ photo and caption, Joel told LittleThings,“I am just tired of a tendency I see to belittle or look down on others for doing things that don’t affect you in any way whatsoever… If somebody isn’t hurting themselves or anyone else, I think we should just leave them be.”

What do you think about this situation?

Should people be allowed to wear whatever they want in public, including pajamas? Or should stores enforce a stricter dress code?

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