Severely Traumatized Dog Makes A Total Life Change That Doctors Were Never Prepared For

It’s hard to believe there are actually people out there who would hurt their dogs. These incredible animals love their humans more than anything, so to take advantage of that love and treat our four-legged friends with anything other than love and respect is truly abysmal.

Thankfully, for every terrible person out there who abuses animals, there are countless more good people who will do whatever it takes to save these poor creatures from the horrible depths they find themselves in.

And in one of the most emotionally charged rescue videos we’ve ever seen, little Otto manages to win the hearts of anyone who lays eyes on his poor little face.

After years of abuse and neglect, this poor dog was left in a total and utter state of shock. In fact, he was so broken inside that he couldn’t even stand up. Think about how awful that must have been to see firsthand. Usually a nervous dog will eventually warm up to a human withenough pets and treats, but Otto was in a totally different world.

He was totally afraid and couldn’t even move a muscle. The doctors and animal experts said he was beyond repair and would have to spend the rest of his life in a sanctuary. He would neverbe able to handle being around humans ever again.

But after a lot of hard work and even more love, something truly incredible happened that absolutely no one was expecting. Look at Otto’s face these days and you’ll see thathe’s totally transformed. An animal thatonce hada broken spirit is now a happy-go-lucky dog that finally has the second chance that so many of these amazing creaturesdeserve.

Warning: This video is hard for any animal lover to watch, but the end is definitely worth it all!

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