President Obama Laughs About His Youngest Daughter Secretly Recording Him On Social Media

When you think about President Barack Obama, millions of thoughts could rush in your head.

Both good and bad, depending on your stance on politics and within the world.

But regardless of your political views, we all can agree that he is a good father.

And although he’s in the White House, he deals with many of the same parental discussions and surprisesthat every other house in America deals with.

One of those is social media.

How do you work it? What does it do? What are you doing? Why are you doing that?

All of those questions have come out of a parent’s mouth once in their lives, at the very least. And President Obama admits to Jimmy Kimmel that he’s asked these exact questions.

When he was finding out about Snapchat, he started asking his daughters questions at the dinner table. After they explained the new social media app, apparently he went into a lecture about new technology and gave anormal, worried, and informative dad talk that most kids get at the dinner table.

And while he thought he was being a helpful and insightful dad, his daughter thought he was being ridiculous and laughable.

So, in this day and age, the only sensible thing was to record and share it all on social media, without him knowing.

But he’s the president, so he found out. And now he’s telling the world about it!

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