Parents Think Theyre Posing For Interview, Then Kids Say To Turn The Sign Around

Having a baby is one of the happiest times fora family. Making that phone call to tell your loved ones that youre finally pregnant is an invigorating feeling.

Your life is changing, and while one chapter is ending, another is beginning. Although a phone call or a surprise visit with the news written all over your face may have been the reality a few decades ago, today people are much more creative with their pregnancy reveals to loved ones.

Luckily for us, we get to see a lot of them thanks to their being sharedon the internet.

In the video below, wesee the reveal of a baby’simpending arrival, and its nothing short of perfection.

As the expecting couple sets each of their loved ones up for a video interview, they have no idea whats actually about to go down. But the camera keeps rolling, and as soon as the parents-to-bedrop the news, this smart couple puts their reactions in slow motion.

Their faces are all so clearly filled with joy and absolute shock,in the best way possible.

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Video Credit:Daniel Woods, Woods Productions

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