‘Naked Chef’ Goes Viral For His Absurdly Large Bulge, Not His Chia Pudding

Guys, suddenly, chiapudding has become my favorite dessert.

I love it so much, I even decided to watch a YouTube video about how to make it.

Franco Noriega a 27-year-old naked chef was super helpful in teaching me each and every step of creating the perfect bowl. And boy, did it look tasty.

His dessert looked so perfectand so beautiful. I SWEAR IM TALKING ABOUT THE PUDDING.

OK, you caught me: Im definitely not talking about the pudding.Im talking about Noriegasabsurdly large bulge. It shows through his boxers duringthe entire video.

According to MailOnline, he was voted the worlds sexiest chef and I can definitely see why.

In his latest YouTube tutorial, he taught his audience how to make chia pudding, and the footage went viral for a reason other thanhis recipe.

His bulge is mostly to blame, but Im definitely not complaining.Even though I couldnt understand a damn word he was saying, I can confidently say this is the best recipe video Ive ever laid eyes on.

The tutorialbegins as he sits in front of the camera.

At this point, Ivecompletely forgotten about the pudding.

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