Mans Shabby Garage Sits Untouched For 10 Years, Then He Transforms It Into Unrecognizable Studio

I love to watch TV shows dedicated to house renovations.

They make me want to rush out to the hardware store and buy all of the supplies I could possibly need. Not that I’d ever be able to complete a home project on my own!

Anytime I see a renovation that someone completed on their own, I am often blown away. I can’t believe they’re able to find the time, and then when they do have the spare time, that they’re able to create something so incredible on their own.

I wonder if these people ever get inspired to try and makeover their homes and others for a living after a great project!

One Imgur user is sharing their house remodeling project and it is truly incredible! In the course of a month, they were able to completely transform their paint-chipped, shabby old garage into a stunning music studio.

Imgur userBockyBalboashared their home renovation on the popular site.

For three years, he wanted to makeover his unused garage, but it took over two years to save up the money.

His budget was set at $4,000 with one goal in mind – make an awesome music studio.

He’s been practicing music for a long time now, so he wanted a space to produce quality sounding music.

The garage hadn’t been in use for over 10 years, so it was the best room in the house to give a makeover.

The garage had chipped paint and was extremelycluttered. Along with that, it was a humid room, which meant making it over, he had to keep that in mind while picking out paint and flooring.

This wasn’t a quickly finished project, it took a month of hard work to get everything done.

The process required new walls, ceiling, floor, doors, equipment, furniture, etc. Luckily, electricity was already in the garage.

Since the garage is attached to a house, the project required a lot of insulation, to make sure his music wouldn’t disturb anyone during the late hours.

Once the project was complete, the garage looked brand new, like it had never been used for storage before!

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