Man Rides His Horse Around Walmart, Then Captures The Whole Shopping Trip On Film

Walmart is certainly the holy land of deals when it comes to shopping. The billion-dollar company has nearly 12,000 stores scattered around the world, so customers are bound to see something interesting going on once in a blue moon. One Houston, Texas, Walmart definitely offered a lot of entertainment to customers when a man and his horse entered its doors.

Woody Fields took a seat on his tall horse’s back and they casually galloped through the aisles of Walmart together. Woody decided to whip out his cell phone and capture the entire shopping trip on film but that wasn’t the only thing he ended up recording.

In the video below, posted on March 21, 2017, Woody and his horse, followed by a friend riding his own mare, trot along looking for bargains.

Suddenly, customers freeze and go quiet, not expecting to see a giant horse right in front of them.

Woody’s video catches baffled customers staring at him and his horse in the store. They aren’t sure what to make of the situation going on at their local Walmart, but their reactions are priceless.

The cowboy passes by aisles of clothing hangers and storage bins as puzzled customers move their carts out of the way for the Walmart horse to slide through.Who wouldn’t love to stumble across a horse while running errands?

To see theunbelievable video of Woody’sshopping trip, check out the video below.

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