Man Found Recording Himself Saying Goodbye To Loved Ones 30 Hours After Horrific Crash

Kevin Diepenbrock and his good friend were riding their motorcycles when they suffered a horrific crash that landed them in the woods, unable to be seen from the road.

The two were too weak and injured to get themselves out of the spot they were in, so they waited and hoped they would be saved before it was too late.

Unfortunately, Diepenbrock’s friend didn’t make it, and he soon started to lose faith that he would live.

He started posting on social media, hoping that someone would see his posts and find him.

And then, as it got darker, he really lost hope, and his phone became full of goodbye videos to his loved ones.

Watching them is absolutely heartbreaking, but the beautiful silver lining is that 30 hours after the crash, a miracle happened.

Diepenbrock was found and he survived to tell his story.

Thankfully he didn’t have to show those videos to his loved ones, but now he gets to share them with everyone as a reminder of how short life really is and how precious every moment can become.

Thinking about yourself in the situation that he was in is frightening, but if his videos remind you to appreciate and love everyone in every second of your life, then it’s helpful.

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