Incredibly Rare Personal Belongings Of Marilyn Monroe Have Surfaced


1. Only Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe is true twentiethcentury icon. Her breathy voice, stunning figure, and blonde curls charmed immediately, but it was her surprising depth and vulnerability as an actress and a human that has made a lasting impression on people for the past half a century.

For someone in the public eye so much, you might not think there’s much mystery to her, but Monroe’s life was so much more than the glamour of Hollywood. In fact, much of it was truly heartbreaking.

Now, a rare glimpse into Monroe’s life is open to the public. In November 2016, a collection of her personal possessions will go up for auction through Julien’s Auctions.

The collection is broad and fascinating. In it, you’ll find some items you might expect, like the sultry and sequined costumes worn in some of her films, and the makeup that a starlet like Monroe would have used every day.

But there are also some items that speak to another side of her life the one that the public of the 1950s and ’60s didn’t see, and one that makes the goddess of the screen achingly human.