Houston Rockets’ kiss cam made one fan’s relationship with his friend perfectly clear

So much cringe, in so little time.

Usually the Kiss Cam moment is filled with happy people sharing a smooch while the crowd cheers them on. It’s a super sweet moment unless you happen to be completely denied a kiss and then mocked by the sports team.

During a Houston Rockets game Thursday, one fan suffered some real embarrassment after the kiss cam put him and his friend (?) on the jumbotron. He tried to give it a sporting try, but was roundly denied when she turned her head so he caught her cheek instead of her lips.

Things went from awkward to savage when the screen flashed to a sign saying “friend zone” with caution tape after missed kiss incident.


Image: @World_Wide_Wob

People were quick to share some hilarious sympathy for the guy who put himself out there.

Better luck next time, buddy!

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