Girlfriend Dumps Man Because Of His Weight, So He Gets Revenge By Shedding 175 Pounds

Many of of us know how hard it is to stay in shape, or even to lose weight by totally changing our habits. Eating healthy and exercising requires a lot of motivation and discipline just ask 21-year-old Abrahiem Sawar!

The young man may be the picture of strength and health now, but he looked totally different just two years ago. In that time, he lost an astounding 175 pounds!

His then-girlfriend broke up with him after a four-and-a-half-year relationship, citing his weight as a reason why she made the decision. Abrahiem acknowledges that over the course of the relationship, his weight increased slowly until it reached 380 pounds, simply because he got comfortable with her.

After the breakup, however, he decided he needed to change his ways for himself and his own health. He started making his meals and working out. His transformation photos went viral, earning him unintentional revenge on his ex-girlfriend!

At his heaviest, Abrahiem Sawar weighed 380 pounds.


Hisweight steadily increased over the course of a four-and-a-half-year relationship, but he didn’t really notice because he had gotten so comfortable with his then-girlfriend.


She broke up with him, though, citing his weight as a reason why she made the decision. That’s when the student decided to shed the pounds for his own health and well-being.


His transformation took two years, but he has lost an astounding 175 pounds. He looks like a totally different man!


His before-and-after photos soon got attention on social media, and they quickly went viral.


Of course, this earned him unintentional revenge on his ex-girlfriend!

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