Girlfriend Doubts Boyfriend Has A Song Prepared, Then She Hears The Lyrics And Loses It

Do you ever think about the lyrics of your favorite song? Who wrote them? Who were they about?

Every song tells a story, and while we might just sing-a-long, someone out there most likely actually lived those lyrics. That’s why I believe music is such an outlet and such an emotional work of art in many situations.

In the video below we’re introduced to Cade Mower, who I think would have to agree with me after this musical proposal.

Within moments of watching, you’ll quickly realize his twang showing he’s from Nashville and his nerves showing he’s in love.

The video starts as he explains to his beautiful girlfriend that he wants to sing a song he’s written for her, and immediately she looks skeptical.

Not suspicious in what the truth about this situation is, but skeptical in the fact that he actually has written a song for her it seems.

Nevertheless, he starts to sing and she quickly gets emotional. The lyrics are so heartwarming, and his performance is so sweet.

He actually has a good voice, and his lyrics about his girlfriend and their relationship are absolutely touching.

By the end of this, you’ll probably have a huge smile on your face – we know she does! This is one of the sweetest proposalsI’ve ever seen, do you agree?

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