Girl Gets Facebook Message From Total Stranger In France, Then Realizes They Look Eerily Similar

It all began with a Facebook message. Seems simple enough in todays world, but it lead to so much more.

Aspiring actress Samantha Futerman was checking her Facebook messages one day when she received one from a girl named Anais Bordier who lived in London. Anais had written to her after she had seen one of Samanthas Youtube videos a friend had sent her and couldnt get over how similar they looked.

She also had found out that they shared a birthday and were born in South Korea.

Samantha couldnt believe it, and immediately messaged Anais back. After talking a bit more, the two realized they were both born in Busan, South Korea and decided to move their conversations to Skype.

Speaking for the first time was quite interesting for the both of them since Samantha was raised in New Jersey and Anais in France. But once they did speak, it was uncanny how similar they were.

They shared the same bone structure, laugh, and sense of humor. They also share a love of Harry Potter, the arts, and many of the same television programs.

It was weird, but I feel like there was a strange calm and comfort as well, and something that I can’t really explain, Samantha said. ‘We talked for three hours.

After seeing each other face to face, the girls knew that they had to meet in person.

So, Samantha flew to London and the minute they saw each other, the girls didnt need a DNA test to tell them that they were twin sisters.

And now that theyve found each other, theyre not wasting any more time. Anais was raised as an only child, so shes just finding out what it feels like to have a sibling. Things like buying friendship bracelets with Samantha are new to her, but shes learning to love it.

It sounds really cheesy, but I think we need those little kid’s moments and those cheesy moments together, Anais said.

And because both Samantha and Anais want to share the story with the world, the two have documented their journey to finding each other in a documentary called Twinsters, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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