Family Walks In To See New Baby, Then Woman Drops Her Little Girl When She Notices Twins

When this video starts, you’ll realize very quickly what’s going on.

The Slater family decided to keep a secret from the rest of their loved ones for nine long months: They were expecting not just one, but two babies.

Thankfully, they were able topull off the ruse right up until the birth!

They knew that whenever the time came to reveal their secret surprise, they needed to have a camera handy.

So after mom Theresa gave birth, they set up a camera in the hospital roomto record everyone’s reactions to the two beautiful additions to the family. Then, not one, not two, but about twenty-something people all had the most emotional and hilarious reactions to the news!

One of the main things that I noticed was how many loved ones this familyhas!

Everyone was stunnedand excited, but some people actually predicted it! Could you imagine being the grandma, walking in excited for one new grandchild and getting two? I know my mom would probably faint.

Although there’s no love like a mother’s, there’s definitely no love like a grandmother’s either!

What would you do if you walked into this surprise? I’d probably be in disbelief, but excited for double the trouble!

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