Elephant Steps On Trap And Refuses To Walk On Injured Leg Until Vets Put Her In A Pool

Elephants may love to go swimming, but that does not mean they take naturally to swimming pools.

Fah Jam is learning to love the water. When she was 3months old, her front leg was caught in a trap set by villagers.

The injury caused her to lose part of her foot and she started to refuse to put pressure on the area, so vetsdecided she’d need to relearn how to walk.

The method to help Fah Jam, whosename translates to “clear sky,” is hydrotherapy. She learns how to walk by getting in a swimming pool!

She’s undergoingtherapy at an animal hospital in Chonburi, Thailand. After her first few sessions, she’s already showing improvement! She most likely will need at least two months of help.

She was a bit apprehensive at first of the water, but hopefully after a few more sessions Fah Jam will be in love with the water! She is still only a baby, so they expect she will build up her muscle strength fast.

If you love to see the incredible progress that is being made to help injured elephants, you will also love the story ofMosha, who became the first elephant to get a custom-made prosthetic for her foot after she stepped on a landmine.

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