Dancers End Their Class Performance By Taking Sheet Off Box, Then A Soldier Pops Out

In this video, two young girls appear to be performing the end of a routine for the rest of the dancers in their studio.

But the ending of their dance, which happens to be accompanied by the song “I’m Coming Home,” ends up having a surprise ending for one of the tiny dancers in the room.

The two performers run to the back of the classroom and unveil the pink boxand then a soldier pops out.

The man emerging from the pink box fully dressed in camois National Guard Specialist Paul Hayhurst.

He has been away from his family for 7 months now, and his beautiful 3-year-old daughter Isabellahad no clue that her dad would get to be there to visit her dance class anytime soon.

When hestood up and she realized it was him she immediately ran as fast as she could with her tiny little legs, all the way over to him, and reached out for an embrace.

She screamed “daddy” at first, and once they hugged she told him how much she loved him.

But telling you all of this does not do this reunionjustice, so watch for yourself below.

And today, just like every day, we should all remember how lucky we are to embrace in those kinds of hugs with our loved ones.

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