Dad Sings Love Song With Daughter Every Night, Decades Later She Marries The Man In The Lyrics

Wedding videos are never one in the same. A couples wedding is alway so unique and catered to those two peoples love, there can never be two that are too much alike.

And this one is no exception, but it is one thats got a pretty spectacular storyline.

When the video starts, were introduced to Alyssas dadrather than Alyssa and Ed themselves who are the bride and the groom.

But, once the vintage footage starts rolling, you understand why.

Alyssa and Ed may have only met years ago, but Alyssa had apparently been singing and hoping to meet him for years.

As her dad explains, he and Alyssa would sit down every night before bed and play piano together. But, the song that theyd love to sing along with, was Eddie My Love.

The footage proves its true, and the fairytale story ensues as the video goes on, but the best part of it all is how much fate seemed to have played a role in this couples love. And also, how supportive and excited that Alyssas father is for having his daughter find her best friend in the real Ed.

The wedding only gets better, and Eds emotions at the altar prove his love is just as strong as it should be for this beautiful bride.

Could you imagine a coincidence like this coming up at your wedding? Maybe it was no coincidence at all.

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