Couples Share Their Best Secrets For How To Get In The Mood

For millions of couples all around the world, “getting into the mood,” can sometimes be a bit more difficult than what society or television would have you initially expect. However, over 2,000 people volunteered their tips and tricks on how to “get into the mood,” and the results were pretty stunning!

It seems that a huge amount of men think that simply by doing the chores, they’ll be able to get their wives more interested in them physically. It seems these guys think they can go for the longest time without doing the dishes, but whenever the mood strikes them, they actually think they can do the dishes and suddenly get what they want!

The survey of 2,000 US adults by home food delivery service Yelp Eat24 found 45 percent of slick men feel they have a series of moves when trying for some intimate time with their wife or partner, including offering a compliment, giving a massage, and cooking dinner.

Hysterically, over 70% of women polled admitted that they can easily tell when their husbands are trying to “get romantic” in this fashion. Men will try their best to set the mood by using alcohol, or soft music, but a huge majority of women know exactly what they’re up to.

It seems women are just as interested as men are though, they’re just a bit more clever about the whole thing. A large amount of women polled either admitted to letting men do most of the hard work, or they themselves dressed in more revealing clothing.

People usually associate oysters with getting frisky, says Yelp Eat24 CEO Mike Ghaffary. But I think we all can agree eating pizza on the couch is way more relaxing. Plus, since youre already on the couch anyway…well, you get the idea.”

Love takes work but eating doesnt have to. Thats why were encouraging everyone to order delivery and enjoy quality time at home. Just you, your partner, and a pizza. And maybe some egg rolls or a few chicken wings. Because if that isnt romantic we dont know what is.

While a lot of the information seemed obvious at first, it’s always incredibly interesting to see what other people think like whenever “the mood” strikes them!

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