Buff ref steals the show in college football national championship game

Don’t talk back to this ref.
Image: espn, twitter

The early star of Monday night’s college football national championship game between Alabama and Clemson played for neither the Crimson Tide nor the Tigers.

No, the early star was a ref an unusually buff ref, that is.

The ref in question’s name is Mike Defee, a 54-year-old who typically calls games in the Big 12 Conference. Defee is indeed particularly jacked and his yolked-ness was amply displayed each time ESPN cameras zeroed in on him while he explained a call on the field.

The peanut gallery on Twitter, of course, had a field day with a ref who looked like he could still blow up a running play in the backfield.

Many were also quick to note the similarities between Defee and Ed Hochuli, an NFL official similarly renowned for his apparent dedication to a rigorous workout regimen. Hochuli’s name even briefly became a trending topic, thanks to football fans’ obsession with Defee.

Anyway, congrats to Defee on being buff and congrats to Twitter on the faves and retweets.

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