Bizarre Fashion Trends: 10 Style Choices That Are Better Left In The Past

In all of my history classes, I couldn’t help but notice just how weird some of the fashion trends ofthe past were.

Don’t get me wrong I love looking back at adorable vintage styles like the dress patterns women used to whip up for their closet over the years. Also, I know I’ve certainly fallen victim to more than a few fashion fails that have recently come through.

But I’malso really glad I wasn’t around to model any of the questionable looks below. Digging all the way back to the 1500s, these weird fashion trends for both men and women definitely didn’t stand the test of time.

Justimagine walking around your hometown and seeing a man wearing a codpiece like the gentleman below or the over-the-top suit style that dominated the 1970s in #10.

Take a look to see even more weird fashion trendsfrom the past, and let us know in the comments if we missed anything you remember from back in the day.

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1. Codpieces


Men had to be eithervery secure in their masculinity in the past (or very much the opposite!) to think these were a good idea.

2. Hobble Skirts


The name alone is enough to make you wonder why anyone thought this trend was OK.

3. Corsets


This list obviously wouldn’t be complete without the restrictive undergarment women forced themselves into for far too long.

4. Ruffs


Queen Elizabeth I started this trend back in her reign, but people got carried away with their circumference when they discovered that starch could help them widenthe fabric.

You can still see judges in Denmark sporting this look as part of their uniform (not for fashion reasons, thankfully), though they’re much more subdued.

5. Macaroni


We all know the song “Yankee Doodle,” but did you know that the line “stuck a feather in his capand called it macaroni” actually refers to men who dressed in the over-the-top style shown in the outfit above?

6. Women’s Shoulder Pads


Women embraced these broad shoulders in the 1940s too, but the 1980s took them to a whole new level.

7. Bombasting


Both men and women of the Elizabethan era would bombast their sleeves, which meant to bulk them up by stuffing these with extra padding. They would also do this in their pant legs.

8. Psychedelic Patterns


This photo doesn’t even have to be in color for you to know he’s rocking some bright hues on that “groovy” jacket.

9. Bullet Bras


Madonna would later take these to a whole new extreme, but I am still baffled women ever wore such pointy undergarments.

10. Leisure Suits


Flared legs and shirt collars, usually brightly colored or covered in noisy patterns, were out-thereenough. But even crazier were the one-piece leisure suits with the zipper up the middle.

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