A revealing new photo series captures LGBTQ celebrities in their homes.

15 years ago, Tom Atwood noticed something flipping through photography books capturing gay life: Everything looked the same.

The subjects were young. The aesthetics were trendy. They only featured people and stories inbig cities.

Atwood, a gay photographer himself, had an idea: Why not capture LGBTQ people ordinary folks and celebrities alike living in the everyday?

In “Kings & Queens in Their Castles,” a photo book documenting members of the LGBTQ community in their homes including about 60 queer celebrities and influencers Atwood finally brought his idea to life.

1. George Takei, actor (“Star Trek,” “Heroes”), surrounded by gift wrap and bows in his Los Angeles home.

2. Meredith Baxter, actor (“Family Ties,” “Glee”), thinks over the day ahead in her kitchen in Santa Monica, California.

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