Tips For Storing Your Holiday Leftovers

2. How Long Can Leftovers Be Stored?


It all comes down to what it is you want to keep. It’s a best to refrigerate turkey, gravy, stuffing and other cooked dishes within about two hours of serving. There’s nothing wrong with putting warm food in the fridge, but how long will it last?

Turkey Whole, Cooked:

Fridge: 3-4 days
Freezer*: 2-3 months

Gravy Homemade:

Fridge: 1-2 days
Freezer*:2-3 months

Cranberry Sauce:

Fridge: 10-14 days
Freezer*: 1-2 months

Stuffing Cooked:

Fridge: 3-4 days
Freezer*: 1 month

Mashed Potatoes or Yams; Green Bean Casserole:

Fridge: 3-5 days
Freezer*: 10-12 months

Pumpkin pie Baked:

Fridge: 3-4 days
Freezer*: 1-2 months

Apple pie Baked:

Pantry: 2 days
Fridge: 2-3 days after pantry storage
Freezer*: 1-2 days

Wine, Red or White Opened Bottle:

Fridge: 3-5 days
Freezer*: 1-2 months

Bread Soft-Crusted:

Pantry: 4-5 days
Freezer*: 2-3 months

Bread Hard-Crusted:

Pantry: 1-2 days
Freezer*: 2-3 months

*Freezer time shown is for best quality only foods kept constantly frozen at 0F will keep safe pretty much indefinitely.