9 Crazy Ways People Have Worn Underwear Throughout History

Underwear can be an embarrassing subject to tackle just ask any mom who’s gone along with her daughter to pick out her first training bra.

But at least today’s options tend to focus more on comfort than designs from the past did. When they weren’t just going commando, it seems folks only made things more difficult for themselves. Still, I was surprised to see how early things that resemble our modern bikini and men’s boxers came into fashion.

I’m also super thankful we finally found a better solution for a lady’s time of the month than the contraption that was standard for so many decades.

Take a look to seethe full transformation of unmentionables over the centuries. Let us know in the comments if we missed something you remember standing out as a little strange or fascinating way back in the day.

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1. Strophiae And Subligacula


These breast- and loincloths were made of soft leather and worn during athletic events in AncientRomeby both men and women. They appear to be the earliest form of a bikini.

2. Braies


Men and women wore loose-fittingleggings made of clothtied around their waists and secured at the mid-calf.

3. Codpiece


King Henry VIII popularized this bold accessory during his reign. He was also known to add a little extra padding to his in order to boast about his virility.

4. Corsets


This is what it looked like to be “relaxed” in alady’s chambers in the Renaissance era: tight corset, bodice, jacket, and petticoat. Doesn’t exactly scream “leisurewear.”

5. Panniers


Marie Antoinette made these bulky side-hoops all the rage in the pre-French Revolution 18th century.

6. Even Tighter Corsets


While men continued to embellish their codpieces, women’s corsets just kept getting more snug and more prolific thanks to the handy spinning jenny and cotton gin, which madethem even easier to mass-produce.

7. Nursing Corset


Even new mothers weren’t exempt from the restrictive underwear, as you can see by this baffling nursing corset manufactured in the Industrial Age of the late 1800s.

8. Camisoles


Things finally loosened up for ladies in the early 1900swith these breezy one-pieces, and whilethey would still often wear corsets, they were much less constrictive.

Men, meanwhile, began to embrace snug boxers.

9. Sanitary Belts


Before women began strapping into these clunky menstrual pads in the 1800s, they pretty much did nothing different during their periods to protect their garments from that time of the month.

What’s even more shocking, though, is how long this style of sanitation stuck around, remaining the norm until the 1970s.

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