11 Surprising Secrets Hiding Behind The Classic Show Happy Days

There are some characters from TV that will simply stick with you forever.

The Fonz is one of them, along with the rest of the talented cast from the showHappy Days.

The show,whichran for 11 seasons, gave us lots of timeless catchphrases, like YOWSAH YOWSAH YOWSAH and exactamundo. But it’s the characters whosaid them that we all fell in love with.

Aswith every show, there are many things that even the biggest Happy Daysfans don’t know, just like most people don’t know everything onthis list aboutThe Dick Van Dyke Show.

These 11 surprising facts might give you a whole new perspective on your favorite ’50s throwback that was filmed in the ’70s and ’80s.

Who was your favorite characterfrom the show? Do you remember gathering around and watching with family and friends? I know that thetheme song alone brings back plenty of memories for me!

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1. It Was Supposed To Be Called COOL


Executive producers wanted the show to be called COOL, but focus groups thought that the show was about eskimos who smoked. To be honest, I might watch that show, too.

2. It Was Also Supposed To Be Set In The 1920s30s


When Marshall was approached by Paramount, they wanted him to write a show based in the ’20s or ’30s, but he said he’d be much more suited to write for the time in which he grew up, which was the ’50s and ’60s. His initial pilot wasn’t picked up, but Happy Dayswasn’t too far behind.

3. Anson Williams Sang The Songs On The Jukebox


Getting the royalties for popular songs was, and still is, very expensive. After producers heard Williams, who played Potsie, singing backstage, they got the bright idea to have him sing the songs on the jukebox for free. They also then wrote some singing into the script.

4. Ron Howard Almost Passed Up The Role


Howard really did not want to play a teenager for the rest of his life, so he almost turned down the role. But, when Marshall promised that all the boys would graduate from high school, the former child star and future director accepted the role.

5. The External Shot Of The Home Was Actually In L.A.


While the show was set in Milwaukee, WI, the Cunninghams’ house was actually located at 565 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles. Well, at least the establishing exterior shot was. The rest was filmed in the studio, of course.

6. The Fonz Originally Wasn’t Allowed To Wear A Leather Jacket


Executives didn’t want Fonzie to be depicted as a hoodlum, so they put him in a windbreaker in the beginning. However, creatorGarry Marshall convinced the studio to let The Fonz wear his leather jacket while his bike was in the scene, as it’s safer to wear a leather jacket on the bike. When Fonzie became the most popular character on the show, the leather jacket issue was no more, and the Fonz wore it all the time.

7. Henry Winkler Was Terrified Of Motorcycles


Most of the scenes where The Fonz was riding his beloved bikewereshot with Winkler on a stationary bike attached to a moving truck. Imagine that, The Fonz afraid of motorcycles.

8. Winkler Couldn’t Read His Audition Script

8. 10.

Henry Winkler remembers seeing Dolenz at the audition and thinking that his chances were shot. Dolenz, though, doesn’t recall seeing Winkler there at all.

11. Jerry Helper From The Dick Van Dyke Show Directed Many Episodes


Jerry Paris, who played Jerry Helper on The Dick Van Dyke Show directed every episode of Happy Days from season 3 onward, except for these: Jailhouse Rock, Dance Contest, and Arnold’s Wedding. It’s always so fun to learn when two of your favorite shows overlap like this!

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