10 Beloved Music Groups Who Hid Tragic And Controversial Secrets From Fans

Music is truly something that connects people across the world.

The ’60s were a great time for music, including international sensationsand the production of beautiful lyrics that have certainly stood the test of time.

Throughout history, there have been many music groupsthat won over our ears with their catchy beats and creative rhythms. Only a select few were successful enough to becomethe bands that we still hold near and dear to our hearts.

However, with instantmusic success, fame, money, and glamour came many troubles and hardships.

These10 groupssuffered behind closed doors, keeping fans’ eyes and ears away from what lurkedbeneath.

No matter what their band’s genre was, there was always something left to uncover. There wereso many secrets and other pieces of information that fans just didn’t know about their favorite duos, trios, quartets and more.

Scroll through below to check outwhat these 10 beloved music groupswere hiding from their fans!

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1. The Beach Boys


Band member Brian Wilson, recalled having a very troubled relationship with his father. He and his brothers, Carland Dennis, witnessed their father’s alcohol-fueled fits and experienced violent behavior aimed towards them. Brian claimed it caused him increasing anxiety that he carried with him for years.

2. The Beatles


The 4 men from Liverpool were no strangers to a little controversy. In fact, both John Lennon and George Harrison were accused and charged withplagiarism in their songwriting, which certainly could have had tragic implications for their careers. Chuck Berry’s publisher charged Lennon because Come Together sounded too similar to Berry’sYou Can’t Catch Me. Harrison lost a lawsuit overMy Sweet lord resembling The Chiffons’He’s So Fine.

3. The Monkees


The Monkees faced some brutal judgment from music fans who believed, “they were a product of deceptive corporate entertainment, taking up airspace that would be better suited to more authentic musicians.” The band, who people claimed only made music for their TV show, was a common subject of ridicule.

4. The Rolling Stones


Guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Keith Richards, escaped death a total of 10 times! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Richards and his mother fled his childhood home when he was an infant, shortly before it was bombed in a London air raid, he survived electrocution caused by his guitar, and he even made it out of 2 house fires caused by his smoking habit.

5. The Mamas & The Papas


The Mamas & The Papas went through a whole lot of drama. Cass Elliot knowingly surrounded herself by people that used her for her money and fame. Michelle Phillips was kicked out of the group by her husband, John Phillips, when he found out about her affairs with their bandmate, Denny Doherty, and The Byrds band member, Gene Clark. Sadly, John turned to alcohol in order to cope.

6. The Four Seasons


Frankie Valli was at the height of his career when he began to suffer from a medical condition that would affect how he performed. He developed otosclerosis, the hardening of the inner ear, resulting in hearing loss and even deafness. Valli had to memorize everything before performances because he was unable to hear properly. Luckily, he had a few surgeries in the 1970s that gave him back most of his hearing.

7. The Supremes


As Diana Ross took center stage as the front woman of The Supremes, Florence Ballard let jealousy get the best of her. She became so envious of the attention that people gave Ross andbecame depressed, started drinking excessively, gained weight, arrivedto interviews late, and showed up to performances intoxicated if she even came at all. After being replaced by other singers halfway through songs, she waseventually removed from the group.

8. Simon And Garfunkel


Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were worried about using their real names in the early days of their career. They believed that anti-semitism would drive down their record sales and success. In their high school days, they had gone by the stage name Tom & Jerry, after the infamous cat and mouse cartoon. Once their fears had finally subsided, they introduced themselves to the world as Simon and Garfunkel.

9. The Bee Gees


One member of the Brothers Gibb hid behind a picture perfect marriage or so it seemed. Robin Gibb and his wife, Molly Hullins, were actually very far from perfect. During their toxic marriage, Robin accused her of things to diminish her character and she put him through a nasty custody battle. In fact, Robin had barely seen Molly within the last 3 years of their tumultuous marriage that ultimately ended in divorce.

10. The Temptations


Member Paul Williams dealt with several physical and mental health issues behind the stage. He suffered from sickle cell anemia, which forced him to travel with oxygen tanks in order to stay well. He also battled depression and struggled to perform towards end of his career.

Despite their misfortunes, all of these groups managed to bring joy to our lives and music to our ears.

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